Eco-Friendly Dip Technology Based On An Open Source Concept

Dip Technology

High quality tires must meet many requirements: performance, endurance, safety and sustainability. Therefore, textile plies require an excellent and eco-friendly bonding to the rubber.


  • No Resorcinol
  • No Formaldehyde
  • Less Ammonia


  • Standard Dip Preparation
  • No Maturation
  • Standard Equipment






We believe that together we can create a greener world.









Open Source Approach

Proper adhesion between textile and rubber is essential for product integrity. Therefore, it is very challenging to approve one new adhesion system for all tire applications and markets. We offer our technology in a royalty-free licensing concept - laying the foundation for a new adhesion system standard. All textile suppliers and tire manufacturers can benefit from a universal and eco-friendly adhesion technology by reducing overall complexity and the need of approving endless variants or different individual solutions. The pool will be administrated by AdvInno, an independent consulting firm specialized in managing IP portfolios.


Licensing Pool Essentials

“The patent pool provides the opportunity to interested parties to receive a right to use the COKOON Dip Technology by concluding a License Agreement.”

By signing the License Agreement the Licensee will be granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use the COKOON Dip Technology consisting of patents and know-how incorporated in the patent pool.

Upon signature of the License Agreement, each Licensee becomes an equal member of the patent pool.

In return each Licensee will grant a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to its own patents that consist of essential improvements of the COKOON Dip Technology to all pool members.

This patent pool concept follows the idea that the COKOON Dip Technology and its essential improvements can be used unrestricted by all pool members.


To learn more about licensing pool, please contact with the independent consultant firm:


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COKOON Eco-Friendly Dip Technology

COKOON Free Licensing Concept



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COKOON includes the two company names as acronym. “CO” comes from the first letters of Continental, as the following “KO” comes from Kordsa’s first two letters. We combined these two to form the word COKOON, which is pronounced as the word “cocoon”. A cocoon surrounds the caterpillar as a dip surrounds the textile. We used a logo of a butterfly which reflects especially in combination with the cocoon the metaphormose, in our case the change to a more eco-friendly dip technology. The butterfly was designed in the style of nested lines to remind on textile cords.

Yes, both companies are working together in a tire manufacturer and reinforcement materials supplier relationship for many years already.

Continental and Kordsa are already working together for many years on various topics related to tire textile reinforcements. We both recognize that taking sustainable and responsible action is a key component of our companies’ corporate strategies. Therefore, it is not a surprise that both companies independently have felt the need for some time to develop a new eco-friendly dip technology. Kordsa and Continental have their own dip facilities that provided the opportunity for complementary cooperation and development of great benefit to both sides. Finally, Continental and Kordsa decided to join forces, share knowledge and make use of the diverse expertise of both parties to be successful in replacing the standard dip system, which contains resorcinol and formaldehyde.


Kordsa and Continental were open for cooperation with other companies and we want to emphasize that the final goal of the collaboration is to make the new dip technology accessible for the tire and supplier industries via a free licensing concept, so that at a certain development stage everyone can become part of the cooperation and support the new eco-friendly technology to eliminate the use of resorcinol and formaldehyde in dipping systems.

The benefit of COKOON is that we were able to replace both resorcinol and formaldehyde by an environmental friendly solution without sacrificing any safety or performance criteria according to the results of the current development status.

We are creating a patent pool and we will share this information to those who join the pool. We intend to license the patents and certain know-how relating to COKOON Dip technology to all interested parties.

Numerous textile suppliers are currently working on solutions of their own. For Continental and all tire industries the complexity of the approvals process for all of the unique solutions could soon become excessive. We see the benefit for all textile suppliers and tire manufacturers to reduce their own efforts for developing and approving endless variants or different individual adhesion technology solutions. We see an additional benefit in pooling certain know-how that would support the licensees to apply the patents and allowing improvements to be done by all members of the pool. Together we can transform the industry with COKOON Dip Technology, and all parties from the industry can contribute to a safer, more environmental friendly and sustainable future by joining this open innovation project.

The basic idea is that we will allow all parties who are interested to use our new adhesion system without paying royalty and/or technology transfer fees. This is handled by an independent IP consulting firm, AdvInno.

Yes. The license agreement has been worked out together with an independent IP consulting firm, which is AdvInno. AdvInno will be the contact partner for interested parties to join in. Once the license agreement is signed, all parties are equal. Continental and Kordsa will have the same rights as all licensees.

The basic idea of the free licensing concept is that we will allow all parties who are interested to use COKOON without paying royalty and/or technology transfer fees, thereby laying the foundation for a new adhesion system standard. The technology can contribute to both sectors we believe. It’s the company’s choice whether or not using the technology but it is and will be available to everyone interested. Also other companies dealing in the area of MRG would be able to benefit from the concept if desired.

Not to obtain benefit or make money out of this, but we will require a license agreement to be signed. The technology will be made available to everyone in the patent pool at the same time. Each licensee will grant a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to its own patents that consist of essential improvements of COKOON Dip Technology to all pool members. Each pool member only carries the costs for its own participation in the pool.

The reason for the back-licensing is to ensure that the new dip technology will not be blocked by certain selection patents. If such (selection) patents exists we see it also as a kind of fairness to bring it into the licensing pool, when our patents want to be used without any license fees. But if a certain patent fulfills the criteria for being relevant for back-licensing will be a case by case decision which will be taken by the independent IP consulting firm AdvInno.

There are several ways, how to ask for a sample. One is to approach our website:

Email at would be another way. Of course, it is always possible to approach one us directly. We prefer that tire manufactures approach Kordsa and textile converters approach Continental.

At this point of time, we will supply a PET 1440x2 375 tpm sample.


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